Company Overview

about1Sonic Cavitation (SonCav) can take wastewater, seawater, hydraulic fracturing flowback water, indeed any liquid, and in a mobile unit for on-site use (housed in a standard shipping container), clean that water to 100% pure H2O. Any solids that were in the water are separated, and also purified.  We do so using a fraction of current energy required for existing comparable technology (a SonCav Unit requires only 100KW / hour), and at a fraction of the cost to end-users using the current technology (we’re profitable at some 30% of current industry costs).  For a detailed description on how we do this, see our The Technology page.
Vertical opportunities are significant also.  We can separate natural gas and skimmed oil from water.  We can extract coveted material from brine, such as lithium.  We can recover otherwise written-off elements from tailings such as minuscule particles of gold and silver.  And as noted below from the technology’s original use, we can refine crude oil to diesel, gasoline and jet fuel (with higher than 95% conversion of feedstock to end-yield).
The most important vertical opportunity, though, is what this technology means to the world.  SonCav can bring rivers and lakes back to life.  We can assist in disaster relief, such as hurricanes, nuclear accidents, oil spills, etc.  We can help to eliminate water-based disease.  We can increase quality of life through clean water.  For more details on our planned Humanitarian Division, see our Applications page.
The technology was invented by Dr. Victor Glotov, and first used to refine Western Siberian heavy crude into diesel, benzene and jet fuel in Lipetsk, Russia.  This was independently verified by the Southwest Research Institute.  Dr. Glotov subsequently brought the technology to the United States, obtaining his patent (7,767,159 August, 2010), and proving the technology in North America in February, 2014.
This “proof of technology” in North America was done through our Demonstration Unit at our base facilities in Houston, Texas.  The Demonstration Unit is a remarkably simple machine, consisting of the SonCav Generator (a tailor-modified multi-stage pump), a feed pump, the motors and variable frequency drives to run both, an evaporator, and the piping to connect it all.  As seen in the video above, on February 12, 2014, we started with 50°F water, and in short order, raised the bath temperature to 278°F, producing a significant amount of steam.  We did it again on March 7th, 2014.